FairyFare #1 - PDF

Nick Bryan
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The fairy folk finally join the gig economy with new app FairyFare, hiring an army of workers to grant wishes for a reasonable fee. Sisters Phil and Tash Spaight sign up to help make dreams come true, but Tash starts to wonder - do paid favours really improve the world? And why do these fairies want human money anyway?

FairyFare is a new urban-fantasy comic mini-series about magic and money by Nick Bryan & Rosie Alexander, the team behind 2018's The Little Deaths of Watson Tower one-shot, bringing them into gorgeous full colour. After a successful Kickstarter and subsequent launch at Thought Bubble 2021, you can now buy it in fully automated luxury digital PDF form.


"FairyFare is full of fantastic fairy-based fun! A smartly written story with some truly outstanding visuals, this is another 5 star ride from Bryan and Alexander!" - Pipedream Comics

"I am definitely excited by the premise on this one... Rosie’s art is an absolute treat... I absolutely would not hesitate to recommend this book." - Fandemonium Network

"It’s got the air of a comedy but the depth of a thriller which becomes instantly infectious. The likeable sisters at the centre give this a heart & a real edge to what’s unfolding around them which is all given life by Rosie’s art." - Comics Anonymous

"With a unique, wonky art style and a truly mesmerizing secondary colour palette of purples, yellows, and greens, FairyFare is undeniably eye catching. Add to that its perspective on the gig economy and its interesting take on urban fantasy, and it's a project that's easy to get excited about." - Comic Book Yeti

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FairyFare #1 - PDF

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